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Did you know that there were over 3300 animal collisions in South Carolina in 2013? That’s according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. And that’s not even counting collisions that weren’t reported to law enforcement. Although many animal collisions are minor, some are likely to cause damage to your vehicle. Auto glass replacement is one of the most commonly required services after you hit an animal, especially if you hit a deer. Here’s some information you need to know about windshield replacement for animal collisions.

Check with your insurance provider to see if windshield replacement is covered by your policy. Comprehensive coverage picks up the bill if your vehicle is damaged in an animal collision. It also covers damage caused by fire, vandalism, theft, falling objects, and flooding. This includes damage to auto glass. The good news for South Carolina motorists is that there is no deductible to repair or replace safety glass in your vehicle. This means that windshield replacement due to an animal collision could happen at no upfront cost to you. Of course, you should verify this with your insurance agent before proceeding with any repairs.

Once you’ve decided what to do, you should choose a reputable auto glass replacement company. Your insurance company may recommend one of their preferred providers, but you have the right to take your vehicle to any shop you choose. Ask people you know for referrals or call around to different shops to learn more about them. Make sure they’re using the latest techniques and the best materials before you commit to having the work done.

The professionals at BEAM Auto Glass will always give you honest advice on whether you need a total windshield replacement or if the damage can be fixed with a repair. We’ve worked with many customers who’ve been involved in animal collisions, so we understand all that’s involved in making the repairs and working with an insurance company. We’ll even file your claim for you! Call us today for a quote or to schedule an appointment at our Rock Hill or Chester, SC locations. We’re just a short drive from Fort Mill, Lancaster, York, and surrounding areas.

BEAM Auto Glass offers windshield repair, windshield replacement, and auto glass repair services. Contact us for mobile service in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Kershaw, Chester, and York, SC areas.


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