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Windshield replacement isn’t something you usually plan for. In most cases, something unexpected happens to cause the damage to your auto glass. Whether it’s road debris, storm damage, or an animal collision, you’ll want to get your windshield fixed as quickly as possible. Fortunately, your auto insurance can help cover the cost. Here are some things you need to know about your insurance policy and windshield replacement.

  1. Will my auto insurance cover windshield replacement? If you live in South Carolina, the answer is yes–if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. If you aren’t sure, you can always ask your insurance agent about what’s in your policy. Do this before you need windshield repairs and you’ll be sure to be covered.
  2. Will I have to pay a deductible? Again, it depends on your policy and where you live. However, South Carolina drivers do not have to pay a deductible to get a repair or replacement taken care of.
  3. Will filing an auto glass claim count against my policy? Will my rates increase? Only your insurance agent can tell you for certain about how this service will affect your premiums. The good news is that many insurers won’t consider this as a true claim. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to get the work done without it going on the record against your policy.
  4. Who can work on my auto glass if it’s damaged? When you speak to your insurance company, they may give you a list of preferred providers. However, you can take your vehicle to any auto glass company you choose. Sometimes the companies recommended by insurers don’t provide the best service or use the highest quality materials. BEAM Auto Glass does.

If you need windshield replacement in Rock Hill, Lancaster, Chester, York, Fort Mill, or surrounding areas of South Carolina, call BEAM Auto Glass. We work with all major insurance companies and will even take care of filing your claim. Visit us at our Rock Hill or Chester locations or let us come to you with our mobile auto glass service.

BEAM Auto Glass offers windshield repair, windshield replacement, and auto glass repair services. Contact us for mobile service in the Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, Kershaw, Chester, and York, SC areas.


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